Thursday, May 23, 2013

Childbirth After Loss Course

I am so excited to announce that TRS is now offering a childbirth education course for women and/or partners pregnant after a loss.  The Madison Birth Center has been so gracious as to offer physical space and the peaceful atmosphere for such an important addition to the Madison, WI birth environment.

This course is different from other childbirth series in a few ways.  First of all, the attendants of the course will all share the commonality of having an angel over the rainbow.  We all are understanding of the complexities of pregnancy after loss and therefore eliminate the anxiety of being among those who are fortunate to be in a blissful state of pregnancy.  Secondly, we take the time to process our past laboring, birthing, and parenting experiences.  Loss births are still births and it is important to express the emotions of these experiences so as to clear a path for the future. Finally, we work on balancing the worries and the joys, the past and the future while focusing on empowerment through choice.

Feel free to contact me at to ask questions, get more information, or to share your story before the start of class.

 Check out this awesome flyer!!!

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