Monday, April 16, 2012

Memory Making Ideas

Memory Making-H.O.P.E. Sisters, April 12, 2012

Stepping Stones-blog with lots of suggestions

Stillbirthday-love cupboard-maternity and newborn clothing

Donations in their name (certificates)
-Suited for Success YWCA
-community centers

Random Acts of Kindness

1000 Mitvahs-book


Compassionate Friends

Tattoos-Custom Tattoos by Tonia (Ultimate Arts)

Rocking chair as memorial

Memory stones

Forever in Our Hearts Remembrance Walk

Angel Giving Tree-choose a child that is about the age of our angel


Letters to the baby

Animal idol-butterfly, chickadee, rainbows, birds, bunnies, Noah's Ark, water

Somewhere over the rainbow website

Write their name on the beach, snow

Keep everything in a special trunk, box,

Molly Bears

Honor babies through work

Donate toys to Toys for Tots

Feed birds, care for animals

Share our story to help, inspire, provide new perspective

Coffee mug with picture

Visit him/her every week


Jewelry-belles bowtique, - turn dried flowers into beads

March of Dimes

Scrapbook-shutterfly, walgreens,

Faiths Lodge

Baby book for angels-I Will Hold You in My Heart Forever

Continue to have special decoration for holidays (pumpkin, tree, egg, etc)

Fundraiser to donate to organization

Dove/balloon release

Memory garden

Document subsequent pregnancies

Angel food cake

Facebook groups to share

Ashes to special memory

Name at the bench at the zoo

Knitting socks

Calvin's cupcakes and pins wheels from Heaven-design custom photo for angelversary

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  1. Love the idea about the dried flowers and jewelry. I have tons of dried roses from Mikayla that I am going to do that for her birthday. Thanks to who ever shared that!